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Louis Geinaerdt

At the end of 2012, the Pagos del Moncayo family was improved  due to the incorporation of Louis Geirnaerdt and Eugenie Van Ekeris, contributing their extensive experience in the sector and providing the company with new instruments for its commercialization and internationalization.

Familiar winery

At the foothills  of the moutain range “Sierra del Moncayo”, in the heart of the Cordillera Iberica at its pass through Aragón our winery is located. Given the vecinity of Vera del Moncayo and its privileged situation in the province of Zaragoza, the beauty and the wealth of the surroundings in which we make our wines are two unrivalled characteristics.

Pedro Aibar

Pagos del Moncayo is the result of a family dream, transmitting through our wines all the passion and the experience fruit of centuries of tradition in the cultivation of Garnacha grapes in the soil of Campo de Borja.
Thanks to the effort and the tenacity of many years and the inestimable help of a group of friends, today this dream is a reality.



Garnacha & Syrah

Our philosophy is to make wines with the maximum respect for the environment and that clearly reflect their origin. Obtaining the highest quality and honesty in our wines.

Traditional grape treading

We apply traditional methods both in the care of the vineyard and in the vinification process in the winery.


Sustainable wines

This ECO-LABEL certifies that the emission levels of our winery are well below the European average. ECO-PROWINE is the proof of our respect for the environment.


Hand crafted cultivation and biological control in the vineyard.

Personal care and implication in the local community.

Powered by solar energy

Our winery is not connected electrical network; we use solar panels.

Elaboration in open top fermenters

Thus we can control the process with our own hands and we can tread the grapes as our ancesters used to do.

Natural climate control

Due to the influence of the Moncayo breeze the winery does not need any artificial climatization.